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Authentically Us was made possible through voices and expertise within the LGBTQ+ community and allies in advocacy, technology, and film making coming together to tell stories with impact.



Jesse (Jesus) Ayala is a creator specializing virtual reality social impact storytelling. Ayala is the creative director and founder of Fovrth Studios, a 2017 Facebook/Oculus Creators Lab for Good filmmaker, a 2016 Future of Storytelling for Good creative fellow, and a 2018 Shorty Award nominee. For more information, visit



Oculus VR for Good 

Oculus VR for Good Creators Lab pairs up-and-coming filmmakers with unique causes to create transformative VR experiences that showcase the need for social change in breakthrough ways. Through Creators Lab, we work directly with people who champion various causes to illustrate how beautiful and moving VR experiences can change our perspectives and motivate action. We also challenge and support our creators to tell stories anyone can appreciate, regardless of their stance on a particular issue. 2018 is the second year of the VR for Good Creators Lab. Find out more at




Pride Foundation is the only LGBTQ community foundation serving the Northwest region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Pride Foundation inspires giving to expand opportunities and advance full equality for LGBTQ people across the Northwest. For more information visit




Fovrth is an independent production house specializing in non-fiction video and virtual reality experiences. We remix classical cinematic techniques with new technologies, so your stories inspire and ignite. Our dynamic media embraces the intersection of entertainment, journalism, and action. Learn more about the studio at




Directed by: Jesse Ayala

Co-Directed by: Connor Lonning

Written by: Jesse Ayala, Connor Lonning, & Anna Therese Day

Executive Producer: Amy Seidenwurm (Facebook Oculus)

Executive Producer: Anna Therese Day (Fovrth Studios)

Producer: Lauren Burmaster

Producer: Paula Cuneo

Producer: Jeremiah Allen

Producer: Kris Hermanns

Associate Producer: Tony Ayala

Music: Miles Comiskey, Cook Up Records: Kyle Kaner, Michael Wilson

Casting: Jeremiah Allen, Jesse Ayala  

Director of Photography: Alan Bucaria, Connor Lonning

Visual Effects: Fovrth Studios

Production Management: Anna Therese Day

Sound Engineer: Alan Bucaria, Tony Ayala

Editing: Connor Lonning, Jesse Ayala  

Post Production: Flight School

Production support: Radiant Images

Communications & Outreach Manager: Katelen Kellogg

Cast: Aiden Crawford, Shannon Scott, Acton Seibel

Shot with Insta360 Pro cameras



Brandon Boone, Ash Choi, Debbie Rosenbaum, Rose Troche, Shannon Carroll, Llamatron3000


Pride Foundation

Jeremiah Allen, Kris Hermanns


We're still here

Aiden Crawford, Spirit Wildcat, Clyde Hall, Shane Ortega

Boise State University Gender Equity Center, CSea Leonard, Ollie Shannon


She Flies by her own wings

Shannon Scott, Katie Perkins, United Equality Consulting

Senator Ron Wyden, Samantha Offerdahl, Congressman Paul DeFazio, Beth Schoenbach

Human Rights Campaign, Stephen Peters, Ronald Attrell, Linda Brown, Marcia Brown, Miguel Cobian, Dee Cooper, Victoria Cooper, Michael Dard, Michael Long, Marc Tobin, Steve Roberge, Congressional Cemetery, LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund, Scott Gunn 

Fox News 12 Portland, Jamie Wilson, Judd Girard, Corey Hanson

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs, Nathaniel Boehme, Nicole Hoeft, Tyler Franke

McMenamins Mission Theater, Kyle Oman



Acton Seibel, Audra Loyal, Sonya Germann, Suzie Reahard

Kettlehouse Brewery, Rachel Corley, Andrew Gorris, Damion Sgrenci, Kelcey Sgrenci, Lynn-Woods Fields, Otis Stekly


 The Fovrth Studios Family:

Kimberly Kuxhause, Sam Johnson, Violet Wang, + Lauren Quirk

Glenn Cohen, Angela Williamson, Maddy Etrheim, Molly Day & Will Yu, The Day Family of Idaho, Sam Chasin, Laura Gillen, Gable Lonning, Gara Lonning, Kathleen O'Donnell & Mitchell Zovnic, Lewis Smithingham + 30 Ninjas, Andrea Schmidt, Sabrina Hersi-Issa, Avni Patel, The Burke Family, Kathleen & Andy Mattes, The Kelleher Family, Juanita Ayala, and The Lonning Family


Shot with Insta360 Pro cameras