Upswell hosts Immersive Arcade featuring Authentically Us films

Explore the world without leaving LA

You know that empathy is essential for changework. So, what if you could experience what it’s like to battle a raging forest fire, testify before Congress about social justice, or break rocks in a slave labor camp in India? How would that change your view of the task at hand?

In the Public Square’s Immersive Arcade, you can. Through carefully curated extended reality experiences – drawn from a range of mission areas including environment, health, poverty, and human rights – you’ll experience some of our world’s biggest challenges firsthand. Or at least your brain will think so.

When you get in the swivel chair and put on your headset, you’re not sitting down to watch a movie. You’re strapping in to be part of a new environment. Extended reality actually convinces your brain to believe that you’ve walked in another’s shoes.

And nothing creates empathy like a shared experience.

Curated by XR for Change, Games for Change, and Oculus

Jesse Ayala