Six Oculus Projects Named Official Tribeca Selections, including 'Authentically Us: She Flies By Her Own Wings', 'Meeting a Monster', and 'The Hidden'. Tackling topics ranging from modern-day slavery to bigotry and hate, these immersive vignettes hold up a mirror to humanity’s ills while shedding a light on our collective ability to effect positive change. Read more > 



Tribeca Film Festival announces 2018 Immersive Official Selection of 'Authentically Us: She Flies By Her Own Wings' in both Virtual Cinema and Immersive Arcade. Read more >



Oculus VR for Good announces three supported films premiering at SxSW 2018; 'Authentically Us: We're Still Here', 'Evolution of Testicles', and 'One Eighty'. Also overview of VR/AR talks from leaders at Oculus. Read more >  



Official SxSW Film Festival announces 2018 SxSW virtual reality projects. Read more > 



Pride Foundation announces the SxSW official selection of Authentically Us: We're Still Here. Read more > 


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No Film School announces of 2018 SxSW film festival virtual reality projects. Read more >



Variety announces virtual reality experiences to premiere at SxSW film festival in March 2018.  Read more >



Isthmus mentions filmmaker in Jesse Ayala's project to premiere at SxSW. Read more > 

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